The Art of Asking / by MO JUN

Try at your own risk

Try at your own risk

The lesson was on HOW to ask questions and it was rather interesting. As an art director I always realised the importance of communication but rarely gave thoughts to why/how communication sometimes fails.

After this lesson I come to learn the importance of asking questions. A lot of times our intents or messages tend to get lost in translation and we end up with undesired responses which can be frustrating on both ends.

There are so many factors to consider, how we ask, how the questions were phrased, when is the right time to ask the right questions.

It was good learning. Here are some quick notes I made. More like rough guideline for now and I shall continue practicing this in my daily life.

  • Unbiased Questions
  • Understand behaviors, not opinions
  • User do not always know what they want
  • What user wants may not be what they need
  • Avoid asking complex questions
  • Anticipate response to probe
  • Break ice to extract
  • Observe user patterns, behaviors, habits
  • Avoid giving comparison or suggestions
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Ask about actual behavior
  • Ask about actual behavior
  • Ask WHY always ask WHY
  • And Never Assume